We’re excited to meet you and your family! On a typical Sunday we will have a check-in table with a laptop and label printer. Parents will check their child in and the child will receive a name tag. The parent will receive a bar code label that matches the child’s name tag (for security purposes).

A bar code will also be printed if you would like to leave items with a volunteer for your child (diapers, snacks, etc.). If you bring those items please have them in a bag to make it easier for the volunteers to know whose stuff belongs to who.

Once checked in, children who are in the nursery will go to their room; however, children in the Pre-K room will stay with their parents (or volunteer) for worship (this is the parent’s choice, but needs to be communicated upon check-in). The check-in process will begin at 9:40. We have asked volunteers to show up 20 min. before service, so your child will not be supervised until they complete the check-in process. Parents are more than welcome to use both rooms before 9:40a; however, the child must be supervised by an adult (either the parent or a trusted adult authorized by the parent).

Once service starts, Pre-K students will either be with a parent or a volunteer to worship with the congregation. Our goal as a church is for students in grade school (1st grade and above) to start worshiping with the congregation. In order to make the transition easier, students will attend service for the first two songs and announcements. At the end of announcements, the children will then be dismissed by the individual giving the announcements to the Pre-K classroom (this also allows our dedicated volunteers an opportunity to attend a small part of the service).

Pick-up can occur at the end of the service or after the sermon (this is up to parents). Parents will need to give the bar code given to them during check-in to a volunteer in order to pick up their child.

Please complete the below form if you intend to use The Fount Kids.