Faithfulness: Becoming A True Friend

Series: Fruit of the Spirit
Date: 11/1/2020
Text: John 15:1-17

Central Thought: Faithfulness is abiding in Christ on the journey of becoming a true friend.

  • A – Acknowledge
  • B – Believe
  • I – Invest
  • D – Depend
  • E – Enjoy

Read the text as a group. Share your observations, encouragements, and convictions from the text and Sunday’s sermon.

Next, discuss some of the following questions related to the sermon.

  1. What is the difference between acknowledging God’s love for you and believing God’s love for you? How does this help us become friends of God?
  2. When it comes to faithfully investing your life, prayer, time, skills, and money into God’s work, what is most challenging for you?
  3. Consider the illustration from the text/sermon where a branch’s lifeflow depends on the sap of the vine. What does it look like to be dependent on Jesus? How are you tempted instead to be 1. independent (of God and others) OR 2. dependable (trying to replace Jesus in others’ lives)?
  4. Share with one another the ways you practice enjoying God’s love.

Pray for one another to choose superior spiritual disciplines over inferior earthly delights. May we abide more deeply in God’s love. May be offer truer friendship to those around us.

Pray for your CG’s upcoming Friendsgiving. Pray for neighbors by name, and pray for gospel conversations and growing friendships. Ask God for boldness, opportunities, and the words to share the gospel with those he sends our way!