Backdrop to Revival

Series: Nehemiah: Sword & The Trowel
Date: 5/10/2020
Text: Nehemiah 6

Read Nehemiah 6 out loud together as a group. Share responses to the following questions then close in prayer for one another.

1. Listen to the voice of your heart.

If you want to be able to combat fear, you must know WHAT you fear … and we know what we fear by listening to the voice of our hearts.

Hearing Pastor Jim talk about his personal struggles with fear, what was your reaction listening to his list of fears?

Can you name one fear of your heart?

Here are some questions to help you:
What do you not want?
What do you tend to worry about?
Loss of reputation?
Loss of control?
From whom do you desire approval and fear rejection?

2. Learn about self and scripture

A. Why do I fear xyz?
Example: Maybe I fear the project at work because I haven’t done it before, and failing could mean rejection from my boss and peers. Then ask, Why do I fear rejection. Maybe it’s because you don’t believe you are accepted by God. 

B. What does scripture say about my reasoning?
Acceptance comes from the Lord based on my faith in justification from Christ.  Now, find Scripture verses that prove that truth.

What would it look like for you to spend time interrogating yourself and investigating what scripture has to say? How can you set up the time and space to make it happen?

3. Lean into the all-sufficient Lord

Jesus’ final word “Tetellestai,” meaning “it is finished,” conveyed the idea that the necessary payment for humanity’s sin was accomplished in his death. How would your life look different if you continually believed payment for your lack was finished?

How has your spiritual life looked like during the “stay at home” order during the coronavirus? What one discipline do you think God would want you to grow in? How will you make that change?