Vision for the City

Series: Nehemiah: Sword & The Trowel
Date: 4/5/2020
Text: Nehemiah 2:17-20

​We obtain a God-fearing faith through clarity, confidence and commitment.

  • Clarity of what’s at stake
  • Confidence of who’s in our corner
  • Lastly, a correct understanding of commitment

Read Nehemiah 2:17-20. Read the passage and consider the following questions. 

CLARITY | Read v17

  1. Nehemiah stacks building blocks of clarity on top of each other to help them get the magnitude of what’s at stake. Get clarity by Answer the following:
    1. Who’s Involved?
    2. What is the Present Problem?
    3. What is the Future Vision for God’s People?  
  2. After giving some clarity, Nehemiah helps his team grasp the reality of what’s at stake by answer the “why.” Why do this work? Why rebuild the wall? Surely, God doesn’t want the wall rebuild for just the welfare of the city. What is at stake?

Practical Step: Just as God used Nehemiah and his team to accomplish his will in tough times. How is God wanting to use the church during COVID-19?  

Just as Nehemiah gives a CLEAR CALL TO ACTION – “Come, let us build the wall of Jerusalem,…” What is one step of faith you can take this week to follow God’s leading?
How is God calling you to take a step of faith? (potentially one of the 5 things listed below)

Five Things we can do as a church right now during COVID-19
1. WORSHIP – Everyone can be involved in gathering together on the weekend for Worship  -AND- Inviting co-workers, friends and family to join!   
2. COMMUNITY –  Everyone can be involved in a Community Group that isn’t Sunday mornings.
3. SERVE – Everyone can serve in some capacity. We have to be creative for those who cannot leave their homes. Perhaps quarantined people can write letters, make sure neighbors have supplies, Facetime singles in the church, etc.
4. GIVE –  Everyone can give (in some capacity).  — Or RECEIVE assistance.
5. DISCIPLESHIP – Everyone can own Personal and/or Family Discipleship


  1. Nehemiah will answer another question that will inevitably surface on his team: “This seems hard and sacrificial to rebuild a wall so how will we accomplish this work?” How does Nehemiah inspire confidence and answer there question?
  2. How is God great?  (look up and share scripture verses)  
  3. How is God good?  (share a testimony of how God has moved in your life recently, through reading his word, answered prayer, etc)

Practical Step: Nehemiah’s testimony inspired confidence and brought God’s people to put their faith in Him. Let us participate in #JesusChangedMyLife project for Easter. Practice and Shoot 60-second Testimony Videos for Easter’s. Click HERE for a step-by-step guide that walks you through how to do the whole process (from writing your testimony to capturing your video on your phone).

COMMITMENT | Read v19-20

  1. Nehemiah and his team are not naive. They all know they are about to do this work of God in the midst of hostile territory, they all wonder what happens when we face trials and opposition?   What is the current trial you are going through?
  2. We need to rightly understand God’s commitment to us in order to combat opposition! Read v20 and 1:5 and then answer what is God’s commit to us?   
  3. Our hope in trials and opposition is dependence upon Our Almighty God. Read v20 and share what significant truths Nehemiah highlights that will help us respond in truth when opposition comes our way?​