Justice & Generosity

Series: Nehemiah: Sword & The Trowel
Date: 4/26/2020
Text: Nehemiah 5:1-19

SWORD AND THE TROWEL | Justice and Generosity | Nehemiah 5:1-19
In the text, a problem is exposed, addressed and solved:

  • a shackled heart enslaves others
  • stand up for shackled hearts
  • a free heart has unshackled hands

A PROBLEM EXPOSED | a shackled heart enslaves others
Read Nehemiah 5:1-5

  1. What problems are going on inside the walls of Jerusalem?
  2. Why can a wall not protect Jerusalem from this problem?
  3. Sin shackles us to the money tables. Do you ever find you live as if money matters more than trusting and loving God?  How does greed affect you?
  4. On the flip side, are you currently suffering or feel enslaved? How can your Community Group help you?

Practical Step: Take time to pray and confess any sins of greed and your love of money instead of God. Make sure to receive the forgiveness that is yours in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
THE PROBLEM ADDRESSED | stand up for shackled hearts
Read Nehemiah 5:6-13

  1. Are there any injustices that make you angry? What should you do with that anger?
  2. How does Nehemiah confront injustice?  Read Mark 11:15-18.   How can we follow these biblical examples?
  3. Read v9. What is significant about Nehemiah saying they should walk in the fear of our God?

Practical Step: Take time to pray a “great outcry” for injustices that you would like to see God intervene in.
A PROBLEM SOLVED | a free heart has unshackled hands
Read Nehemiah 5:14-19

  1. How does Nehemiah live differently than previously leaders?
  2. Nehemiah’s understanding of God is what makes him revere and love God. And love and serve his neighbor. Following the One True and Living God frees hearts and unshackles hands. Jesus graciously invites us to His table. The gospel frees us to live a new way, a life of generosity!  Read 1 John 3:16-18. How has God grown your generosity?  
  3. What is one way God has been nudging you to be generous lately? What’s been holding you back?  Commit to an act of generosity.